The untapped potential of the Internet Archive for CI

Hi Euan, R U planning to attend NotCon 04? One of the speakers will be Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive. He is a guy with an amazing, literally “far out” vision of universal access, and the Wayback Machine supporting it, whom you really should meet.
Of course, I would never tell you what you “should” 🙂 but in this case, I do it for the good of the whole, which would greatly benefit from the two of you connecting with one another and exploring your vision and aspirations, if you have not yet done so. To nudge that chance, I’ll email this URL to Brewster with whom I had some beer yesterday on a sunny terrace, in Amsterdam, and exchanged ideas about how to dream into being some unprecedented capabilities of collective intelligence.
I would love to go to NotCon 04 but have prior commitment to attend. I plan to follow it remotely, so if you go, don’t forget to blog it. Here’s the freshest pic of Brewster, from the terrace:
Brewster in Amsterdam.JPG
Why I gave the “The untapped potential of the Internet Archive for CI” title to this entry? Not enough time to tell it right now, but if you meet Brewster or follow in this blog my explorations with him and his friends, I’m sure you will find out.

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2 Responses to The untapped potential of the Internet Archive for CI

  1. Euan says:

    Beat you to it George


  2. Jay Cross says:

    Last year I foolishly asked Brewster what he planned to do for his next act. (The Internet Archive is but the latest in a stream of amazing accomplishments from Brewster.) He told me that capturing and preserving all the books, magazines, television, the web, software, and music created by humankind, and making it globally accessible to “make the free world work” was a 25-year goal.


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