Are we curious enough?

Robin Good and John Kellden commented on “Innervation leading to synchronicity?”. Their comments inspired the following message.
Robin and John, thanks to you for coming back here and commenting. In a small scale, your act is part of what I referred to, using Teilhard’s term, as “innervation.”

When two or more people start paying attention to each other’s observations, interpretations, and suggestions, then some neural paths form in the global brain. Initially those paths are very weak and may fade out, as most frequently they do, and don’t leave any trace in the collective consciousness.
However, when explorers of the shape of things to come are curious enough of the patterns of meaning emerging from their interactions to continue their exploration with persistance, then the neural paths formed by them get stronger. That’s how we learn as individuals and as species.
Are we curious enough?

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  1. Being Curious

    It’s odd, sometimes, how we often restate things throughout history, over and over again, with new words, with perhaps slightly different connotations. Thinking out loud is like a friendly (but not necessarily friendly) Hegelian dialectic. So is explor…


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