Innervation leading to synchronicity?

In his comment on the “Explaining collective intelligence to non-specialists” entry, Robin Good wrote:
> Another important aspect that adds up exponentially to the viability created by a noosphere is the aspect of synchronicity. Ideas and concepts are not only technologically subsidized and in their ability to spread and feed each other, but new concepts and worldviews are simultaneously accessed from multiple individual viewpoints during this very time.
Below is what Robin’s thoughts inspired.

The noosphere’s evolution repeats and extends that Teilhard de Chardin described as a growing “innervation” and “cerebralization” in living systems, involving the appearance of ever “more sensitive and elaborate nervous systems.” The increasing number of nodes linked up in the global brain, and the increasing number of pathways connecting them, create increasing opprtunities for the Zeitgeist to express itself through the growing number of voices tuned with it.
The phenomenon that appears to be “synchronicity” to us, humans, may well be a direct consequence of the isomorphic processes by which our collective intelligence is escaping into a higher-order collective intelligence, a CI 2.0.

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2 Responses to Innervation leading to synchronicity?

  1. John Kellden says:

    It can also be seen as the collective intelligence and the personal “collaboration-minded” intelligence, is re-narrating, re-aligning themselves.
    It would IMO be an important step forward in our evolution on the planet if we more and more could move beyond the polarized view, ie globalization and globalization protesters, and began building a more integrated, and integrative framework, based on an at least possible emergent higher order CI.


  2. Robin Good says:

    I think you are hitting the nail right on the head.
    I strongly believe we are on the verge of such deep shift, but this is something so outside most normal people ability to grasp concepts (not shared publicly in our society) that it is very difficult to verbalize them in a way that makes people curious and interested in finding out more.
    What me go through in such a collective paradigmatic shift maybe totally ungraspable to us now in terms of the symbols and concepts we can presently manipulate in our mind/brain.
    It is indeed a challenge to be taken more seriously by you and others who are truly able to see.
    Thanks for pushing the envelope.
    Ideas, Tools, Resources for Communication Agents


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