WiserWorldWeb – Collaborative Inquiry on Collective Intelligence

WiserWorldWeb – Collaborative Inquiry on Collective Intelligence WiserWorldWeb.org is an effort to bring together people who are advancing the collective understanding of collective intelligence. It is a space where a wide variety of thinkers can share their thought on collective wisdom, collective learning, organizational learning, swarm intelligence, complex adaptive systems, crowd resources, social change, cultural change, economic development, and related subjects. At the kernel of most of our problems is the problem of how to improve our collective intelligence. As it is, there is much opportunity in the rapidly emerging communications and computing technologies. These forms of collective intelligence all are greatly increasing our capacities to work together to address problems. Fortunately, the emerging tools are being used to understand Collective Intelligence in new ways. Researchers from cognitive science, computer science, sociology, organizational theory, biology, anthropology, political science and other fields are discovering many aspects of the dynamics of collective intelligence. But more can be done to cohere and quicken the diverse discoveries. The more intelligent the community of CI scholars becomes, the more quickly can their insights be applied in address societal problems. So it will be interesting to find out what is the collective wisdom of this diverse group about how to nurture CI as a field of inquiry, as an emerging discipline. WiserWorldWeb will offer a space where researchers can easily continue to share ideas.  And as the site grows, it will become a forum for deliberation for an expanding community of thinkers. WiserWorldWeb.org is a new site, and much remains to be done to realize the possibilities. But it hopes to be one part of the effort to increase humanity’s collective intelligence.

Source: WiserWorldWeb – Collaborative Inquiry on Collective Intelligence | Learning Change

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