Europe’s big chance

Violeta_Bulc_2014Some of you read the transcript of my keynote address at 57th conference of the International Society for Systems Sciences, last year, on Augmenting the Collective Intelligence of the Ecosystem of Systems Communities. The title of the conference was “Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet: Systemic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Eco-Civilization.” The leader of the conference’s program design team was Violeta Bulc, a brilliant systems scientist from Slovenia.

The systems and behavior scientists among you may have also seen an extended version of my keynote in the current issue of Systems Research and Behavioral Science Volume 31, Issue 5, pages 595–605. What you may not know is that Violeta Bulc helped me shaping the ideas I presented in my keynote address and the subsequent academic publication. She is not only an eminent systems thinker, business and social innovator, but also has an intimate understanding of the intricate issues of collective intelligence and collective impact.

The good news is that the Prime Minister of Slovenia nominated her for Slovenia’s slot in the new EU government, the college of Commissioners. The European Parliament will have its confirmation vote on Oct. 22nd.

I see Bulc’s professional focus and recent article on mass participation in innovation, combined with her capacity to drive scalable innovation projects, which earned her present job of the vice-president in the Slovenian government, as key assets to a more prosperous Europe. If you read her article that I referenced here and you think that enabling mass participation in innovation would make a big difference for Europe and the world, please spread the word about Violeta and this blog.

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4 Responses to Europe’s big chance

  1. robertsteele says:

    I want to read and integrate your keynote but I am impoverished and absolutely will not pay a journal for knowledge that should be free to the public. I urge you to provide links to your work that do not demand payments.


    • George Pór says:

      Robert, the publishing house owns the copyright and I am forbidden to publish it anywhere on the web. However, in exchange for the “privilege” of generating profit for them from the sales, I am allowed to email individual copies in response to requests from interested parties. That’s what I just did.


  2. violetabulc says:

    Thank u..v Dne 12. okt. 2014 20:29 je oseba “Blog of Collective Intelligence

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  3. Violeta Bulc is an Earth Hero, embodying and bringing into the world all the traits of leadership, vision, compassion, and organizational skill that actually make a difference in the world. I make this claim after having served as the 57th President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) during our 2012-2013 annual cycle and having the honor of counting with Ms Bulc’s leadership and organizational competence throughout the process. She was in charge of one of the five committees I put together to organize and run the Annual ISSS Conference held in Vietnam, and her committee was the most critical to be run well in order for the conference to be a success. This was the Program Committee, and Ms Bulc organized people, themes, logistics and the actual on-the-ground dynamics at the conference, as well, helping assure that the conference was a tremendous success. Indeed, without her brilliant vision, charismatic leadership, and competent organizational skills, I shudder to think how things might have turned out. Please feel free to contact me for any further interest in the capacity of Violeta Bulc to serve the EU Parliamentary Committee with great impact and powerful results.


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