Somewhere, on our way to humankind’s awakening…

Somewhere, on our way to humankind’s awakening to its collective wisdom, global heart, and sentience… self-organizing communities of co-creation and practice will master the combination of swarm intelligence ( see also starlings as teachers ) with wildfire learning (see chapter 7 in my Federated Framework for Self-evolving Educational Experience Design on Massive Scale).

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  1. George, just read your 2010 SEED-M paper. We need to resume dialog. Larry/nuet


  2. George Pór says:

    Thanks Larry, I agree. The problem is that I’m fully booked till my presentation at the Integral Europe Conference. See:


  3. Charles Smith says:


    There is a new book called “The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures” (Lipmanowicz and McCandless) that has a process in it called 1-2-3-4.

    It points the way to more promising ways of decisively proving the that collective intelligence is usually smarter that individual intelligence in complex systems.

    If you can take a look, please let me know what possibilities do you see in it.


    Charlie Smith


  4. George Pór says:

    I just need to clarify something. Instead talking of “humankind’s awakening to its collective wisdom, global heart, and sentience” it would be more appropriate to speak of “humankind’s awakening to the next level of its collective wisdom, global heart, and sentience.” The first phrase would allow a romantic interpretation of a future world, in which everybody will be awakened. The second is focusing “only” on what we need to do to support the evolutionary impulse in/as us to follow its course to the the next stage of the collective learning journey.


  5. Larry Victor says:

    George, Your important distinction echos what has concerned me for decades. A viable future will involve human persons doing things. Imagined scenarios through end games appear impossible to imagine. Often visions of romantic awakening block further action.

    Look up details on DENIAL: Self-Deception, False Beliefs, and the Origins of the Human Mind, by Ajit Varki & Danny Brower (a UofA research prof who died suddenly in 2007, leaving behind a revolutionary manuscript that led to this book). Just started reading. Following their lead I propose: instead of seeking what we must do to solve our great challenges, we must first discover those deep barriers that block (by emotionally denying the reality of our deep threats) our doing what we need to do. Then do what is needed to overcome those barriers. DENIAL OF REALITY, which the authors speculate/propose enabled first humans to accept a full Theory of Mind – and thus deny our mortality. Other intelligent species who start developing a Theory of Mind without the safety net of denial are blocked in their further advancement to a human style mind. Spin-off from this human survival trait is now blocking our advance and threatening our survival.

    The recent suicide of Michael Ruppert highlights what we face if we accept REALITY without hope.

    Listen to The Lifeboat Hour he recorded with Carolyn Baker before he ended the pain. Carolyn, Michael and others have accepted an Earth Hospice model. For me, UPLIFT and Societal Metamorphosis is a viable alternative to extinction. I need these visions to keep my own sanity as I continue encountering THE NEWS:

    What I can’t seem to communicate is that the effort needed now is beyond scope and magnitude of any past human efforts. Humankind can do it, but they need to accept that all of what we are now doing is grossly insufficient to our need. Much of what we are doing is necessary, but far from sufficient. There are doings that are not being considered, but also necessary. Then we can marshal the effort to do all that is needed. This we universally deny, myself included at a deep, emotional level. The effort must involve design/implementation for all SSS (Seeds, Soils, Scaffolding). Soils and Scaffolding will not automatically emerge from Seeds – a fact we refuse to accept. Our paradox is that we are obsessed with creating seeds (actions that bolster our denial) and hoping for soils and scaffolding. Today, all effort re soils and scaffolding primarily involves creating seeds about them. Something more is needed beyond the production and distribution of sem networks. To organically design/implement pilot soils and scaffolding – involving the collective creation of seed systems that are instructional/motivational for the actual construction of soils and scaffolding. I had proposed Scripting/Performing cycles for this. O4L&L4O (Organizing for Learning & Learning for Organizing) is a label for a framework to do this. But, our problem currently blocks attention to solutions.

    The scary, negative reality we deny, to keep our sanity, is blocking access to a positive reality fully within our reach.

    Our time to act may be much shorter than we imagine.


    • George Pór says:

      I think none of our cognitive, techno-scientific smarts will do much good, unless we find ways to raise our consciousness, individual and collective, above the level, at which we generated our intertwining challenges, to paraphrase Einstein.


      • Larry Victor says:

        George, I will postpone dialog on issues you raise until after your conference.
        1) What types of awakenings are we aware of, what “techno-scientific” practices can induce or enhance awakenings, and what future awakenings might there be not yet experienced by any humans?
        2) Is there a preferred order of doing and how do we know, or might we consider a co-doing at many concurrent levels?
        3) I might use Einstein to propose that no human has yet been awakened sufficiently to adequately “comprehend”/”intuit” the magnitude/scope/complexity of our current Crisis-of-Crises and the emergent field of viable opportunities.
        4) Might intentionally developed human collectives (cybercrews) be needed to adequately navigate/manage some aspects of emergent reality?



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