World Wisdom Council

The World Wisdom Council has been convened by the Club of Budapest in cooperation with the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality. The tasks of the Council include “offering guidance for developing the individual and collective wisdom that empowers action capable of bringing about constructive change in the local and the global economic, social, and ecological environment.” The Council’s meeting in Budapest, Dec. 18-20, 2004, was hosted by the government of Hungary. I had the honor to be the rapporteur of the meeting and enjoy the company of some truly wise women and men who came from four continents, not to mention the good food of my home country that I have not been visiting for 10 years.

The Budapest Declaration of the Council, “WISDOM AT THE TIPPING POINT: Shifting to New Thinking and a New Civilization”, includes, as one of requirements to address global dangers, “to launch cooperative ‘learning expeditions’ focused on high-probability threats to our future, drawing on the collective intelligence of professional communities in business, government and civil society”. To learn about “learning expeditions,” click here. You can also download the full report of the World Wisdom Council (.pdf).

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