From states of collective consciousness to a new, higher stage of CI

At the end of his feature on the Mystery of Collective Intelligence, in the May-July 2004 issue of “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine, Craig Hamilton asked: “What would it take for us to remove any barriers to the emergence of collective consciousness, not just as an occasional peak experience but as a permanent ongoing capacity?”
That question comes on the last of 24 pages filled with stories of small groups experiencing spontaneous irruptions of collective consciousness—described in very evocative images by their participants—and interviews with pioneers of the collective intelligence and wisdom movement. It is breathtaking survey and vista of this rapidly emerging field, that I recommend to all readers of this blog to visit.
The rest of this blog entry is a modest contribution to the efforts of addressing the question raised by Craig Hamilton.

Given humankind’s towering challenges, on one hand, and the increasing ease and naturalness with which collective wisdom appears in various groups, on the other hand, asking the “What would it take…” question is more timely than ever. Finding the answer is getting more and more both urgent and possible. Interesting times, indeed! May it be that the answer is in the question itself? I mean, in the passionate intensity of, and the sustained attention to, holding it by all those who share an interest in it.
What Hamilton seems to ask really is how can the magic but fleeting moments of touching and being touched by the group soul, become seeds for the emergence of a higher collective intelligence.
CI is a term that I use in the following sense: Collective intelligence is the capacity of communities and organisations to evolve towards higher Consciousness, Compassion, and Competence in absorbing complexity, through collaboration and innovation.
How to stabilize the momentary, fleeting states of CI, how to use them for helping us move to a new stage in the evolution of CI? As Ken Wilber says, “States are temporary, stages are permanent. States are free, stages are earned.” So,what will it take to “earn” the new stage of CI? There’s only one thing that we can be certain about: the answer to that question won’t be discovered by isolated, individual efforts; it can be demonstrated only by communities of people with a shared passion for both reaching the new stage, and the journey leading to it.
If you are one of them, please say so and help turning this blog into a gathering ground for a learning expedition into the emergent, new stage of CI.

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3 Responses to From states of collective consciousness to a new, higher stage of CI

  1. Paul Prueitt says:

    (my previos post might have been eaten by the spam eating technology so I will redevelop and re-post)
    Tim Berners Lee and his associates have developed the notion of a Semantic Web of information where two sides exists. One side has machine interoperabality and the other side is defined by human collaboration.
    I have argued that the TBL notion of the Semantic Web is incomplete, largely because of the influence of the mythology of artificial intelligence
    I have proposed alternatives in the form of Human-centric Information Processing (HIP) technology that can be used to create Anticipatory Webs of Information. These proposals have been made to DARPA, NIST, NSF and IN-Q-Tel; but there are powerful individuals within the academic environments who block funding.
    The ignition of collective intelligence is vital for the control of fundamentalisms, including pure capitalism and the explotations that come from consentrated military power. How does the participatory democracy work when 15 – 20% of the population of the United States can control the vast power and resources of the Nation, and use this control to control elections?
    As an esoteric, and as a scientist/mathematician, I have to point out that the knowledge sciences is missing from our educational curriculums and that this absence needs to be fixed. The foundation I created in 1997 for this purpose is proposing a $60,000,000 National Project to establish the knowledge sciences as an academic discipline.
    This educational curriculum will help individuals understand the nature of social discourse and the fibric of collective awareness.
    I predict that the anticipatory technologies will ignite more and more small instances of Collective Intelligence, until the society as a whole lifts itself away from the current entrenchment kept stable by the media.
    I wish I could talk to Horward Dean.
    (I will not check the spelling, as I do not want to lose this message again).


  2. Paul Prueitt says:

    I have a new PowerPoint presentation about the simple nature of anticipatory technology at:
    My group is composed of information scientists, and natural scienstists, who very much are in tune with the notion that social knowledge has an local and global manifestation, as David Bohm, Karl Pribram and many others have talked about.
    So I very much hope that those interested in Collective Intelligence phenomenon will gather around the notions that we are making public domain.
    Dr. Paul Prueitt
    703- *981- *2676
    Director, BCNGroup (Behavioral Computational Neuroscience Foundation)


  3. Social learning theory can stabilize new peaks of CI

    Social learning theory can stabilize new peaks of collective intelligence.


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