How do value memes affect the emergence of CI

Jean-François Noubel asked an intriguing question in Different types of emergence?
” is it possible to envision emerging properties as the result of the mastering of these properties at an individual level? Do these properties have to be value-oriented? Will a group of wise individuals turn into a wise group or can it turn in a global mess with umpredictable side effects?

Well, it depends on the color of their wisodm. If they are green, I’m afraid, big mess is quite likely. If they are yellow or turquoise, I don’t think so. Those colors are symbols for the value memes of Spiral Dynamics

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2 Responses to How do value memes affect the emergence of CI

  1. Yes, and this aspect is very well explained by Ken Wilber in the same interview ( ).
    The same question is also connected to the “Principle of Suboptimization” issue, as explained here :


  2. Jon Husband says:

    Hello, george. I didn’t want you to think I am ignoring you – I accidentally deleted your phone number and have not been able to sort out outgoing email.
    I am leaving A’dam today for Enschede and then Hamburg/Berlin, but will be bacjk here on Friday. Maybe you can call on Saturday, and please send me your phine number again by email.
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