Collective consciousness: a “peer to peer” phenomenon?

I woke up in the middle of the night after a very inspiring dinner conversation with a friend. I woke up from deep sleep, a state of consciousness, in which there’s only the formless ground of being, the source of all forms.
“So as the body goes to sleep, the subtle mind and soul appear vividly in dreams, visions, images, ad occasionally archetypal illumiations—the typical dreaming state. At some point the subtle then also goes to sleep—the mind goes to sleep, the soul goes to sleep—and that leaves only formlessness, or deep dreamless sleep, which is actually the Witness or primordial Self in its own naked nature, with no objects of any sort.” (One Taste by Ken Wilber)
An intriguing after-the-fact awareness of that state has been occurring with increasing frequency in the last couple of weeks. It’s like as if I lent my body’s CPU to a higher form of intelligence to use it for whatever it wants it; my reward is getting glimpses of its intent, just by sensing–in the minutes of waking up–what has just passed through that CPU in the deep, dreamless sleep.

I’m wondering whether that higher intelligence, our collective consciousness, is not a “peer to peer” phenomenon, in which each of us is not only a filter or switch for one another as Nova Spivack wrote in his The Metaweb: The Global Mind Just Got Smarter but also processors for the collective consciousness of Emergence itself. Can it be that we are sharing “files” created by It, and doing so, we’re giving a distributed yet increasingly coherent voice to It, each of us with the unique timbre that we are? It is delightful to notice (online ad off-line) that there are more and more of us picking up the tune 🙂
Whether that collective consciousess is a p-2-p phenomenon or not, accessing–and reading it with some degree of reliability–certainly is. See “Step 3. Comparing notes” in The emergence of CI, an online experiment.

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3 Responses to Collective consciousness: a “peer to peer” phenomenon?

  1. Jon Husband says:

    Preety good, deep, coherent thought. Glad I played a wee part somehow – as do we all 😉


  2. George Por says:

    Yes, Jon, your “knowledge friendship” concept and resonance it awakened were germinal to the experience I described in this entry. I hope you will blog the concept soon… if not, i will 🙂 just kidding…


  3. Fernanda Ibarra says:

    Very inspiring George, tell me if I grabbed it, could it be possible that we are collectively connecting in this causal state of consciousness that happens during deep sleep? Connecting and sharing the files of sensing the whole, the witness?
    Then, could it be possible that during sleep, like the spread of a meme, a a deeper purpose of caring for the health of the whole may rise?
    As Wilber points to, during a causal state of consciousness (sleeping, drugs, meditative and altered states) we connect to a higher stage, which could be the witness, the whole, depending on where you are individually. Now, Causal energies spreading a vision, or stage, regardless where you are individually, like a center of gravity, in a way that may be ‘collectively shared’ is, as I said, very inspiring. Thanks George.


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