“Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World That Works for All”

In February, I wrote about Tom Atlee, pioneer of “co-intelligence”, whom I have the honor to call a friend. Tom talks about the following 5 dimensions of co-intelligence: multi-modal intelligence, collaborative intelligence, wisdom, collective intelligence and universal intelligence. His definitions are rich, reflecting decades of engaged research as a philosopher and social activist. He says, “If we are to know life at a deeper, more engaged level, we’ll need to develop a deeper, more engaged intelligence that includes all these dimensions.” and I tend to agree with him.
What prompted this blog entry is Tom’s soon-to-be-relased book, the “The Tao of Democracy: Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World That Works for All”. I think the book is a must read for every student of the emerging interdisciplinary field of collective intelligence and particularly those who want to apply its principles, models, and practices to build a better world.

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  1. Dynamic Facilitation

    Inspired by George’s posting about Tom Atlee it may be worth mentioning that an excellent method for influencing the timing and rhytm of a community, may be the use of so-called dynamic facilitation. It’s a process first described by Tom’s…


  2. Dear Reader,
    My name is Mattis Manzel, born 1960 in Berlin, grown up in Berlin (West), German writer. In February I had an idea, which first frightened me, as the idea was pretty big. Since middle of July I’m working on-line on a presentation of my idea. Meanwhile I wrote some text and provided a start page. I recently translated the whole unfinished German throw to English. I work intensively and update the web page several times daily. The text is incomplete, the form is puzzled and requires order. Nevertheless I started some days ago to step out into the public with my idea. I do this, because I am afraid that there is a hurry to start a public discussion on it.
    The goal of my idea is:
    – the creation of peace and justice on earth by global decentralized democracy or – more precisely – the waking of collective human intelligence.
    – the displacement of the conventional currencies by an excluding virtual currency: “Terra”.
    Mankind uses for common decision making a computer program (which is to be commonly developed) and the world-wide data network. The behavior of the program is steered by the participating humans.
    Preparations could take place on a Wiki.
    Please do not take my idea for a joke. It is about as serious as the internet.
    I cordially thank you for that and wish you a beautiful day.
    Mattis Manzel
    http://www.terrahome.net.tc or


  3. Dr. Darian L. Smith says:

    I too believe a collective conscioussness of wisdom is about to be born. Exactly what the catalyst will be for this maturation of the human race, I am not sure. However, I feel rather certain it will be a dual process; on the one hand it will be from Fear of a civilization experiencing a huge threshold of disintegration, and on the other from Faith in a vision of a critical mass of mature enlightened and unified souls who agree to a more refined global system of an international democratic federal united nations.
    The Baha’i Faith has such a vision of that direction. It has a map of global reform which is
    now, to a great degree already under way.
    I invite anyone to investigate this international
    reform process.
    check out u.s.bahai.org


  4. I wish you the very best.I am one for Global democracy, where the intelligence wins.I like what you have said about the CI, but I think it will take ages for it’s pure manifestation.
    However, I strongly belive that CI as such would take over the world in one form or another.


  5. Thanks for the comments (big tits included). What do we learn. The diffence of a blog to a wiki is that everybody could easily wipe the annoying out. And people do on wiki. Everybody intersted in collective intelligence has to know what a wiki is. It is the perfect platform for CI. My basic wikisites are
    http://www.wikiwiki.de/newwiki/pmwiki.php/Wiki/MatTis (German)
    http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?MattisManzel (English)
    http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/community is the best wiki I have found by now. There is the best CI powerplant. Have a nice day and see you on a wiki folks


  6. MattisManzel says:

    Global flashmob #2 on 19th of June 2004.
    Already 60 cities frome 30 countries worlwide are participating.
    See the flashmobwiki:


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