Invitation to this blog journey ~

We cannot fathom the full power of humankind’s collective intellect, let alone its collective intelligence. But we can ask ourselves, how come that we still have wars, hunger, polution, suicide, and other man-imposed ills, if we’re so mart? (By “intellect” I mean the totality of our mental faculties, and by “intelligence” our capacity to manifest the world we want to live in and leave to our chindren.)
Life is a gift but the way we live it is not given, it’s our choice. Raising our collective intelligence is our best chance and only hope to survive as a species.

This blog is my learning log, a public record of my personal* learning expedition. It is a story of some driving questions, insights, and (hopefully) some discoveries on the way. *It’s a “personal” blog only in the sense that it was me who opened it. Of course, a “blog of collective intelligence” wouldn’t be, if it wasn’t also an expression of its own subject.
Besides my views and news on the field, here you will meet also friends of mine whom I will invite to weave their wisdom about collective intelligence into a rich fabric of our shared understanding of it.
I thank to each of them for our friendship that contributed to my growing appetite for groking “collective intelligence.” They are a multidisciplinary bunch that includes techno-visionaries, grass-roots organizers, business consultants, and academic researchers. Stay tuned to mark the dates when they’ll visit this blog.

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1 Response to Invitation to this blog journey ~

  1. Janos Abel says:

    Good friend,
    Please excuse me for intruding into your personal blog but there are so many important ideas that need discussing and WICKI seems to be misbehaving.
    Janos Abel
    Tom [Salfield] and anyone else,
    How does a product of labour (i.e. capital) become an exploiter and oppressor of its creator?
    This is an important issue. Can we explore some tentative answers here?
    Tom said this question can be split into two interlinked but distinct questions:
    1. What is the historical process by which labour became enslaved? – this is ultimately a question of the development of power relations and as such is linked to:
    2. What is the contemporary justification for maintaining the status quo?
    For later: Shifting perspective on factors of production If we personalise the factors into Landowner, Capitalist, Worker a whole new set of ideas spring up demanding examination. As you ask, how should they be rewarded; what should they righfully own; by whom should they be rewarded?
    Re: development of power relations.
    I believe that we need to recognise that humans by evolutionary design tend to want to change and control their environment rather than adapt themselves to it. The trouble starts when some humans include their fellow humans in the environment that must be controlled and changed in their favour.
    How can we leave behind this evolutionary trait that now threatens to drive the species to self-extinction?


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