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Notes on Forms of Collective Intelligence (CI)

This is a germinal CI taxonomy fromTom Atlee. He wrote: “I have lately been receiving a lot of information on forms of and approaches to collective intelligence that do not fit within models I’ve been working with for the last fifteen years (that are largely deliberative). I am no expert on these other approaches, but encountering them has led me to brainstorm an annotated list of different forms to cover what I’ve seen so far.
I feel certain my list is not complete and that there are other ways of differentiating forms of collective intelligence, which I’d love to hear about. I intend this initial listing to be temporarily clarifying and stimulating and, hopefully, to trigger people to come up with new ways to map this terrain that better lay the groundwork for an evolving general theory of collective intelligence that embraces all variations.
My list includes reflective CI, structural CI, evolutionary CI, informational CI, noetic CI, flow CI, statistical CI and relevational CI.”
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