Collective intelligence is the capacity of biological, social, and cognitive systems to evolve towards higher order complexity and harmony, through such innovation mechanisms as variation-feedback-selection, differentiation-integration-transformation, and competition-cooperation-coopetition.

Of course, that’s not the only definition of CI but the one that I developed by applying the evolutionary lens to it. I also wrote about CI seen through cognitive, political economy, and information technology lenses, in my academic working paper on Collective Intelligence and Collective Leadership: Twin Paths to Beyond Chaos.

My intention for this blog is to contribute to the dialogue between those perspectives on CI and to explore and push the edge of their (combined) contribution to the movements of transition to a sustainable, post-capitalist world.

I’ve chosen to study and advance the field of collective intelligence, almost 30 years ago, because I believe that without a massive augmentation of CI in social groups and institutions of every scale we won’t be able to end the pre-history of humankind and realize our full potential individually and together.

George Pór


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  1. please notify me when you post an article


  2. George Pór says:

    hello dear Christine, welcome to the community of CI readers and contributors!

    I’m glad that you found out how to subscribe to the blog, and hope that you will bring your joyous curiosity and positive deviance to the world of the Blog of CI.



  3. James Nolan says:

    Please add me to the mailing/contact list of this blog. Southwestern College’s mission statement is “Transforming Consciousness through Education”…I am interested..

    Jim Nolan
    Southwestern College
    Santa Fe, New Mexico


  4. Rob Estey-Willick says:


    I am a student of osteopathy in Halifax, Canada. I’m writing a thesis for which Collective Intelligence has emerged as a concept I need to explore. I have seen an uncited reference about the concept of “The Golden Suggestion”, attributed to Atlee and Pór. I’d like to ask if you have written about this specific subject and if so, can you direct me to this citation.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Rob Estey-Willick


  5. Greetings,
    I am a student at the University of South Florida. Friends and I are putting efforts towards informing students and others on campus about things just like this (CI). We are currently working on a zine titled “Evolutionary” which is about people who understand that the transformation of the world depends on our willingness to transform ourselves. I am looking for sites that represent and embody this concept and I certainly believe you all do. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if we include this site at the end of our zine on page directing people towards places they may go to learn more and get more self involved.

    Thanks for your time!
    -Laura S.


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  7. MICHAEL says:


    i am a group facilitator seeking to apply the principles of CI to teams and gatherings of people coming together for common purpose. My experience suggests that problem solving and creativity are magnified when groups of people operate under certain conditions and that CI has tremendous potential to be a positive tool of transformation.
    I would like to learn and practice more

    Michael Boyle


  8. MICHAEL says:


    I suppose my immediate questions are around the pre-conditions necessary to maximise the likelihood of a group being able to reach its full creative potential and is there a recognised sequence of stages the group should pass through from a facilitator’s point of view ?

    Best Regards



  9. JC says:

    Hi! I’m JC from Spain, presently working for a European Foundation, a research organization based on Bioinspirated Colletive intelligence (internet solutions ), please add me to your e-mail list…


  10. falcondotnz says:

    Hi George,
    thank you for the blog.
    I am new here. I’ve posted a comment on one of the articles but was not able to see it on the page. This is the invitation to join our efforts in building the colletvie intelligence platform:
    Dear All,
    MIAWiki for Collaborative Research is one of the “Open Innovation Centers”. It currently has 6000 knowledge nodes and a number of projects that require your attention:
    – hybrid P2P knowledge sharing platform
    – integrated innovation management system
    – multidimensional single entry point associative knowledge network
    MIAWiki is awaiting your contribution for further development of the projects, knowledge network, promotion of the collective intelligence culture and techniques.
    Please contact me for more information:
    Thank you,


  11. Rebecca says:

    Hello George and all,

    Diane Musho Hamilton and I have co-founded a new advanced facilitation development program using Integral consciousness and the Integral map to train 200 Integral facilitators over the next five years @ integralfacilitator.com.

    We welcome inquiries and interest from people who want to work on their own developmental edges as facilitators of group coherence, collective intelligence etc. We are offering a series of three-day intensives in May and June (NYC, Houston, San Diego) and launching a one-year competency based certificate in Integral Facilitation in Salt Lake City, Utah starting in October.

    Look forward to more sharing and exchange – thanks George! Cheers, Rebecca Ejo Colwell, Integral Facilitator.


  12. Mohammed Hashim says:

    we are working in a knowledge-sharing platform that work to map schools in Sudan by the power of the crowd , I want to know if you could recommend me a book or an article that could help .


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