on the effervescent edge of emergent CI

(The Collective Intelligence Lab is a series of three events over three weeks – and requires attendance at all three)


In a world of ever-increasing complexity, it’s clearer than ever before that no one mind is sufficient to grasp the whole. Yet at the same time as we urgently need multiple perspectives and connections, polarisation is growing as we increasingly isolate ourselves inside filter bubbles. Many of us are feeling that it’s harder than ever to talk to those we disagree with, let alone learn from one another.

Rebel Wisdom is a media channel that looks at the deep code of culture and society through a lens of philosophy, science, personal growth, and transformation. Since the inception of the channel last year, we have been on a journey of discovery, interviewing and learning from the most profound thinkers* on the planet. Most of them have independently realized that we urgently need to develop new forms of collective intelligence in order to respond to the challenge of the times.

This process cannot just be conceptual. It means going beyond our analytical minds, engaging the whole person and entering into genuine dialogue with others. To this end, it requires technologies such as mindfulness, conscious dialogue (circling/inquiry), breathwork and other techniques so that our disagreements can be generative rather than destructive.

We are running an experimental series of events – the Rebel Wisdom Collective Intelligence Lab – in October this year to trial these techniques and to bring them together with philosophy and cultural change. Our hope is to find a genuinely new way of coming together to meet the challenges we all face – if you’d like to join us, please register your interest.

We will be keeping the ticket price low – just above cost – this is about getting the right group of committed people together. It will involve a commitment to 3 Tuesday evenings in October – October 1, October 8 and October 15.

*including Ken Wilber, Jamie Wheal, Daniel Schmachtenberger, John Vervaeke, Jordan (Green)Hall and others

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