Too many awesome teachers?

A Path for Warriors for the Human Spirit offered by Margaret Wheatley


“We are committed to act in ways that make it possible for people to experience their human potential.

We aspire to be a discerning, compassionate, sane presence in the most difficult circumstances.

Yet we also realize that no matter how much mastery we have attained in our professional and personal lives, we need different skills and perspectives to meet the ever-increasing challenges we face. This is why we dedicate ourselves to Training.”

Higher Consciousness Online: a short online course offered by Stephen Busby

Stephen Busby“For all those interested or engaged in some form of higher consciousness work over recent years, it may be clear to you by now that there is much more higher consciousness available to us – as a human collective – than ever before, and that we have a responsibility to expand our access to this. We are being asked to be more creative and courageous in how we do this.


This Course comes as part of a strong continuing impulse to nourish the planetary field of higher consciousness along with many other teachers and networks.”


Too many great trainings are offered by too many great teachers alive in today’s word.
Of course, they are not too many for our world in dire need for next-level wisdom, but too many for any individual to take all trainings that s/he could benefit from.

Only solution: co-evolution!

I.e. sharing our learnings in co-creative communities of affinity and commitment.

If you come across world-centric teachers of consciousness with offers that support the evolutionary transformation of self, systems, and society, then please post the news from them as replies to this blog.

Even better, why not share also what inspires you about them. And if you happen to be benefitting from working with more than one teacher, let our readers know how the synergy of their work come alive in your life.

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