From Integral Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience

From Integral Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience:
signposts to the later stages of our evolutionary journey

 by George Pór



This essay is a wide-ranging exploration into the conditions for realizing the next-level potential of human and social evolution. A starting point for looking at “evolution” is the unending journey resulting from the “dynamic interplay of the passive and the creative polarizations of the Absolute that unfolds itself into the energetic process of differentiation bringing forth the whole of creation.” The evolutionary process actually continues through cycles of differentiation, then integration, at a higher level.

4 Spheres of Being Mindful IntegrallyWe are on the threshold of a new cycle of the spiral, the spiral of consciousness. The previous cycles, archaic, magic, mythic, modern and post-modern consciousness served us well by leading us so far. However, becoming stuck with them is becoming stuck with an existential threat of intertwining global crises that cannot be solved at the currently dominant modern and post-modern levels. The next cycle is the one of an integral, holistic consciousness that enables the integration of the inner and outer technologies and sciences, deep intuition and systems thinking, spirituality and precision of inquiry.

In this essay I explore some of themes that are core to our move into the next cycle, such as, collective intelligence, collective sentience, evolutionary guidance systems, integral and shared mindfulness.

You can find the full text of the article, published in the “Collective Intelligence” special issue of Spanda Journal, here.

If you want to browse the whole issue, you can download it from here.

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