Dysfunctional Collective Intelligence

Below is an excerpt from How to Create a Group Mind | 100 Trillion Connections, by Duncan Work.

“A dysfunctional society, or group mind, is full of emotion-laden biases, fears, animosity, internal hostilities, greed, bitter or violent competitions (winner-take-all), or is simply deeply fragmented and incapable of making good decisions. All of these traits are indicators of very unhealthy group minds – so unhealthy as to be called insane, broken. So broken it doesn’t feel right to call them minds at all.”

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2 Responses to Dysfunctional Collective Intelligence

  1. Dear George

    Thanks for all the wisdom you share. Both your own and that of others. I so appreciate hearing these golden nuggets.

    Bless you. Barbara


  2. Chuan Wang says:

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    Dysfunctional Collective Intelligence. Thinking of this as an issue of web 2.0 and harnessing collective intelligence. Maybe the most debate of how to regulate and maintain the platform within the boundary.


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