Meaning flows more smoothly if we compact before we ship

compact before shipping.pngThere was a skype call between @ffunch, @sebpaquet and @technoshaman on July 9, 2010.

Below is a small pattern offered as a self-running demonstration of its content, inspired by our rich conversation.

Can you think of any additional heading for the meta-data that would make this pattern more useful to you?
If yes, pls reply.

Key thought:
New experiences & meaning from inspired conversations flow more smoothly in and across nodes of innovation, if we pay attention to how we can help it.

Relevant excerpts:

@ffunch: I accept your suggestion that we reflect and polish and send something out; it’s not just a matter of summarizing it, but there are also some other dimensions. We need to make a pretty compact form; a 1.5h recording is not compact. We need to distil the core of it and pass that on.
@technoshaman: Groups of conscious people have a responsibility of bringing out as much coherence as possible outside of their group.

@ffunch: What I heard you saying is that we have a responsibility to package insights. It’s not a great service necessarily to share a long conversation or a long set of notes.

Reviewer note:

Listening to the record of the conversation, @cyber_shaman commented:

Distillation of information, creation of new languages, passing on coherent meta-messages

To adequately convey something to the future it needs to be in a compact form.
Attention to consciousness of common process ie converging/diverging
Rendering effective processes into pattern language
Observing responsibility to bring coherent information, distilled and synthesised, to the whole in accessible and appropriate ways
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4 Responses to Meaning flows more smoothly if we compact before we ship

  1. Some of what that conversation sparked for me is in this blog post: Consciousness of Pattern,
    It also relates to attempts of encoding patterns in symbols, like the icons that @notthisbody and @gavinkeech have came up with: And to @openworld’s Narrative Fractals:
    How can we say more with less? Convey more meaning in smaller packages?


  2. Ria Baeck says:

    But compacting is different than a coherent meta-message… also distilled and synthesized is different than a coherent meta-message… Are you talking about getting the essential out? or looking for the higher level meaning – or the deeper layer – that connects it all but was till now not visible or not conscious?


  3. CoCreatr says:

    Intrigued by @VenessaMiemis #Junto concept I put together a rough demo of simple first level tagging by assigning four types of meaning. Video after the jump.
    I also added @Openworlds narrative fractals to a possible user interface mock-up.


  4. Want more meaning from meetings? How to untangle the convo?

    Monk51295 said, “So much time is spent (wasted even) debating semantics… if we want the time together to matter.. or time in review to matter.. we should make key verbage very clear.”
    Computers can find and sort data, like keywords from a chat …


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