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What can dynamic views (in mapping emergent systems) enable?

In a comment to A tool for mapping the future as it’s emerging, Glisten wrote: > The visual mapping of an evolving system is not a trivial affair. If we create a map of our “current state” we only provide … Continue reading

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In defense of complexity

Somebody wrote in a group on “Transforming Capitalism” in the Presencing community  : > all complex civilisations have collapsed at one point or another. Only ‘simple’ societies have managed to survive. In the spirit of helping each other unearthing our … Continue reading

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Message to Venessa Miemis about her “Pay It Forward Business Model”

Venessa wrote a fascinating blog entry  on “A Pay It Forward Business Model [in transition to a new global society].” It prompted the following open message to her. Dear Venessa, Your “pay it forward” model is hugely inspiring in all of … Continue reading

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