Wrapping the conference in a blanket of collective intelligence (CI)

Since I published The Quest for Collective Intelligence in the anthology on “Community Building: Renewing Spirit and learning in Business” (1995), I knew that a moment will come within my lifetime, when all what we know about CI will need to be brought into conversation and action. That will be called by a viable future that urgently needs “loosely tied far-flung strangers learning to collaborate” (Sébastien Paquet), at increasing scale. In my epiphany, it was also a time when a loose network of communities of CI practitioners and research centers formed, and it started developing and sharing advanced CI tools, methods, frameworks, and practices.

CI blanket, smallI feel that time is now and our CI workshop at UQAM can provide an impetus for advancing both practice and research if we co-created it so. On the practice side, we’ll be successful if we closely align CI-boosting in and around our workshop with the common context of the conference and its participants, which is community development. Thanks to Isabelle Mahy‘s’s wise orchestration, we can use my keynote, the opening and closing world cafés, the roundtable and the workshop, for wrapping the conference in a blanket of “collective intelligence” practices and tools.

Those practices may include on-site interviewing of participants in different sessions and workshops of the conference, then bringing the insights, questions, and inspirations emerging from those interviews both into the room onto the net. The more people capable to conduct dialogue interviews (à la Scharmer) will contribute to the process, the more aware the conference as system can become of its richness and potential. If you’re new to dialogue interviewing, you can learn about it by going to the“U-Tools” diagram and bringing your mouse over “Dialogue Interviews.

I did something like that with some friends, on a very a small scale, at Reboot 9.0 that was geek unconference (an Open Space-like gathering) in Copenhagen, a couple of years ago. Observing what happened there, I articulated some unpublished ideas about “wrapping a conference in a blanket of CI.” If some people would step forward to drive/coordinate the process of dialogue interviewing and synthesizing on-site, I’d be happy to be a resource person to them.

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  1. I wonder, too, about adding in some well-established but little-used (in this kind of context) “collective-expanded-consciousness” techniques such as Systemic Constellation Work. I know someone who does this with organizations and groups, and have participated in her constellations many times in a working group. Diana Claire Douglas, http://www.knowingfielddesigns.com/ She also facilitated 3 such sessions at the recent Integral Theory Conference, and the results of the constellations were incorporated into the CI harvest for the conference. It’s kinda like an interview-dialogue process, but in a state of expanded consciousness with access to broader knowing, with emergent surprises, and it’s definitely a COLLECTIVE intelligence practice.


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