Report on the first contemplative co-tweeting, Part 2: The emergent story

flower gate.jpg There’s a story emerging from the tweets of our experiment, or to be more precise, as many stories as people care for re-reading them (in the files posted here), and connecting them into a bouquet of meaning.
Those flowers of the experiment, in which I am rejoicing the most, are not cut and tied neatly into a bouquet, they are still growing. They are the flowers of:
Beauty (Self and Consciousness)
Truth (Culture and Worldviews)
Goodness (Organism and Systems)
Since I don’t have the talents of a painter, all I can do is to use the above photo of a garden that inspires me, and try to paint those flowers with words:

What I am present to, as I’m immersing in the observation if them, is that they are only half-open, reaching up towards unfolding in the light. For their full blossoming, the unveiling of the full meaning of their story(ies), those tweets, they are dependent on:
Earth (sustainable infrastructure)
Water (our interest and curiosity)
Air (the freedom of their pollen to get airborne and cross-fertilize)
Sun (the light in our eyes watching them to grow)
In the story of the three kinds of flower that follows, all words and phrases set in italics are compiled direct quotes from the tweets of various participants.
Beauty beckons us, by telling her story: Attention, sensation, imagining, from a non-instrumental stance. Consciousness begins to listen, love is behind everything that matters.
Goodness grounds us in a place of connection, where depth and true significance set the tone, swift trust inspires, and an evolutionary worldview serves as attractor for community and cohering action. Deep connection of a core team is essential for organizational (and societal) transformation and sustainability work that “sticks.” Letting go into emergent, depth, collective sensing. Collective desire to manifest positive change can transform anything.
Truth invites us to have a cup of Darjeeling and reflect together on how long might one question be followed and grown? Years? It invites us to connect conversations across multiple media, dialog *across* boundaries, use our collective organs of sensing and meaning-making for trying to understand how change “goes viral.” What’s the heart of what we are doing? Changing the culture of social media from trivia and marketing to depth and true significance. Coherent intent creates resonance, brings signals into alignment, radiates outwards. The ripples started flowing outwards…
In your comment, please share any idea or action that the emergent story inspires…
Part 3 of the report will be about the design lessons we learned.
Part 4 will be dedicated to the co-creation of the next experiment.
Stay tuned and spread the word.

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1 Response to Report on the first contemplative co-tweeting, Part 2: The emergent story

  1. Ria Baeck says:

    Beautiful weaving of the tweets, into a meaningful story!


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