A software substrate for collective intelligence

Shawn Murphy says, he is “creating an online digital ecosystem in which knowledge, logic and presentation can all evolve in a globe-spanning, self-organizing, peer to peer system of web servers which is… also the software substrate for an emergent global collective intelligence.”
Here’s an intriguing “pattern language” graph, generated by his software:Shawn Murphy's pattern language graph.jpg

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2 Responses to A software substrate for collective intelligence

  1. Glisten says:

    Interesting concept proposal, have you contacted him to see if its going anywhere in 2011?


  2. George Pór says:

    Thanks for asking. Yes, I did a couple of years ago. The project didn’t go ahead because it lacked a critical mass of support necessary to make it happen. It was just a few decades ahead of its time…
    Individual visionaries may see what humankind needs to evolve but the timing for turning those visions into reality doesn’t depend on them. The Zeitgeist cannot be cheated. It is expressing itself when enough of us have the same dream, not before. Familiar story?


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