CI in the transcendence of private property

“Private property of the means of production today, in the era of the hegemony of cooperative and immaterial labour, is only a putrid and tyrannical obsolescence. The tools of production tend to be recomposed in collective subjectivity and in the collective intelligence and affect of the workers; entrepreneurship tends to be organised by the cooperation of subjects in [the] general intellect. The multitude is biopolitical self-organisation.” Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt, Empire, pages 410-411.

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1 Response to CI in the transcendence of private property

  1. Ayrkain says:

    The question is how to assemble a structure that will accurately predict the attractor form enough to pull in capitalistic societies while still being “backwardly compatible” long enough to suck the force out of the decrepit form. If we eliminate IP (which to me is where property issues get fuzzy), what do we replace it with? Creative Commons is still reliant on the old system, and open source is still working out the kinks (look at Sun’s difficulties in trying to go open-source with Java).,2000061733,39149502,00.htm
    So where do we take it?


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