CI in Denmark

Under the name CIPI, Collective Intelligence Practitioners Initiative, a loosely organized group of 15-20 people in Denmark, identifying themselves as practioneers (experienced, beginners, becoming, whatever…) in the field of CI, meets regularly for two day sessions of inquiry. Participation is by invitation – not to exclude anyone, but to ensure commitment and relevance in participation.
The purpose is to engage a field of collective intelligence in between members, and to bring the field in service of changes that they think needs support. They belive that the practices and leadership of CI can only be developed or discovered in collectives on the edge. You can connect with CIPI through World Café pioneer, Finn Voldtofte, .
I’ve just heard that the group may organize an international CIPI festival, next Spring, near Aarhus, Denmark. I offered my enthused support to it, so if it happens, you will certainly hear about it in the Blog of CI. Stay tuned.

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