Emergent learning is figuring itself out

Jay Cross wrote some truly thought-provoking comments on Shift Happens!
> Okay, George, so you’re looking for a phase change, the creation of something new & different.
Yes, indeed! To be more precise, I’m one in the thousands of voices exploring the possibility of blogging for Emergence as a self-fulfilling prophecy 🙂 The “thousands” is not a joke. I just googled [“tipping point” blog] and got 18,700. Even [“phase transition” blog] unearthed 388 pages!
> Emergent learning implies adaptation to the environment, timeliness, flexibility and space for co-creation. It is the future. We haven’t figured it out yet. Or, from the perspective of complexity science, it hasn’t figured itself out yet. (emphasis added – GP)
Right! I like your second statement because leaning in it, we may become more attentive to the processes by which it is figuring itself out. Like right here, if this dialogue manages sustain our shared-interest.

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