Collective Intelligence seen through Wilber’s quadrants

I’ve just read a fascinating sentence in Wilber’s One Taste:
“Once we have integrated the body and the mind, it is much easier–and more likely–that growth can then continue beyond the body and mind, into the realms of soul and spirit.”
It seems that Wilber was writing about a progression of stages, through which both the Witness in us, and what we are capable to be aware of, evolve. Contemplating his words inspired me to look at Collective Intelligence through the lenses of the Wilber quadrants. Discovering the “collective intelligence” dimension within each quadrant would certainly give more depth to the concept and the field of CI.
If you happen to know anybody who is already working on an “All Quadrants, All Levels” approach to understand and appreciate Collective Intelligence, please let me know either by a reply to this entry or email to George at Community-Intelligence dot com. I’d be also curious to learn about any places in Wilber’s writings where he is explicitly addressing issues of “collective intelligence” or “collective wisdom”. I googled him with both terms but it didn’t turn up anything substantive. What am I missing?

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