Social thermodynamics and mapping the world

Today most intranets and information systems rely on administrator-oriented
tools: you must fill in pre-defined forms, upload reports, update databases,
provide complete profile information, etc. Such predesigned tools and interfaces
are built upon "mass market" rules, i.e. one same item for everyone.
Another concomitent aspect of current corporate I.S. is that they rely on the
sum of each individual duties. In other words they don’t work.

Assumption 1: I.S. should rely on natural
and free energies that flow in human environments
. The best natural
energy, free and inexhaustible, is the permanent need to be in relation
with one another
. This need generates ongoing streams of actions, reactions
and conversations that blow up the whole activity in the information systems
and provide exploitable data.

Assumption 2: "Mapping the world"
will become a leitmotiv, an obsession for hoisting CI as a science

Modelizing CI theories will to be built upon the analysis of IS layers (there
are more than one – see a few
thoughts about them here
). The IS layer can be considered as a map of part
of the human interactions, and we know that maps should not be confused with
the ground (they just provide a certain representation of it). Thus Information
Systems are destined to serve as observation tools, as harvesters of information
drawn from the elusive reality. So it is in any science: it’s theoretical corpus
gets built from the string of reality collectors.

This leads to an important question: a big part of CI takes place
in close geographical spaces where people can directly interact. Of course current
tools help them to lever their CI by providing powerful asynchronous conversation
extensions. How will the theory be able to collect and count such IC nests?
Will these nests be artificialy estimated from their indirect expression, just
like the theory allow to "rebuild" astral objects only by watching
their attraction on other masses in the neighborhood?

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