Concept vehicles

George Por just wrote in the Blog
of Collective Intelligence: Being “hypertinent”

Hypertinence keeps gaining momentum through the emergence of the current
crop of social software (blogs, wikis, p2p forums, free co-authoring and translation
tools and services, etc.) that has all the signs of true communication revolution.
That should be the subject of another entry. So is the the role that co-creative
dialogues between social software makers and practitioners can play in the
democratization of the means of boosting our intelligence, individual and

I think this word "hypertinent" is a great concept, one that
can be called vehicle concept because it vehicles itself easily through
the minds and it "speaks by itself". George, you were right
to make it a category.

As we are exploring new worlds and contributing to a new science, I believe
that a whole corpus of concept vehicles will emerge. It’s important to point
them, use them in our vocabulary and collect them somewhere. Why don’t we create
a lexicography? George, I believe this is what you began by creating the definition
category? Shouldn’t we make a special lexicographic blog?

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