What are Blogs for

I have had a hard time understanding why blogs were so different from usual forums. George helped me build my own answers (in words and concept I understand).
Forums are made for building and following conversations under a defined topic or issue. It’s the ideal tool for showing the thread of what’s going on so that everyone can get in very easily.
The purpose of the blogs is different. I would say they are made to connect people through their published thoughts and content, and help them interact. Blogs are people linkers.

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3 Responses to What are Blogs for

  1. jm says:

    On a forum, you’re one part of a particular group (unless you use cross reference via GoogleGroups and assuming you’re always posting on Usenet with the same email address).
    Whereas you are in many groups via your weblog AND at the same time you’re the center of your own group.
    Also you’re The BOSS on your weblog: you decide of the editorial line.


  2. Thanks for this valuable comment Jemisa. May I ask you what is the main use you have with weblogs?


  3. Jazz-Blogging

    “Jazz-Blogging” as a possible meme for colective collaborative intelligent blogging. What clients want when it comes to thought-leaders is a safe place to engage. My individual blogs are not safe or maybe too public. We need to create safe access en…


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